What’s the Deal with the Rimac Nevera? Everything You Need to Know About this Mysterious Electric Hypercar.

With all the buzz around the Rimac Nevera you might be wondering about the origins of this exotic hypercar that wreaks of James Bond-level excitement and suspense. 

It’s been called the Hypercar 2.0. Capable of exceptional speed, and powerful beyond comprehension. In fact, the, 2022 Rimac Nevera is named for a mighty storm system and is a force like no other.

everything you need to know about the rimac nevera

But where did this mysterious car come from? Exotic and powerful to the extreme, the fully electric Nevera was designed, engineered, and handcrafted in Croatia, created to outperform in every way.

Rimac’s history is an interesting lesson in how a modern automotive company can be born.

Its origins actually date back to 2007, when an engineer named Mate Rimac began to convert his own BMW E30 to an electric powertrain in his garage, with funding from a group of small investors.

rimac nevera for sale

A few years later Rimac had created several patents, many of which were sold to allow the foundation of Rimac Automobili.

The Rimac’s eE30 soon became a testbed for Rimac’s first concept cars, which subsequently became known among its own engineers as the “Green Monster.” With continued research and development that turned into the Concept One car, which was unveiled at the 2011 Frenkfurt Motorshow.

Rimac eventually created an initial production run of 88 units.

The group later delved into Formula E Championship as a way of promoting its brand and they went on to develop the Concept One’s successor.

Fast forward to now and we have the Nevera.

rimac nevera launch cars

By specializing exclusively in electric performance, Rimac was able to engineer and extract the most extreme performance on the planet inside the Nevera. Each of the Nevera’s wheels is independently driven by one dedicated electric motor that channels torque accordingly to give you unprecedented control and agility.

Beneath its skin lies a carbon-fiber monocoque with bonded carbon roof, an integrated structural battery pack, and rear-carbon subframe. The structural core is lightweight, powerful, and exceptionally strong. With the Nevera, unparalleled performance meets real-time intelligence for an exceptional driving experience that you will never forget. Four electric motors churn out 1.4 megawatts – an incredible 1877 horsepower – and can take you from zero to 60 in a stratospheric 1.85 seconds. And unlike other electric cars, the Nevera gives more than just torque. The Nevera can also reach a searing top speed of 258 mph on the track, leaving competitors in the dust. Starting at $2.4 million.

rimac nevera technology

This is what Rimac has to say about what it does:

“We design, engineer, and build the most advanced automotive technology possible. From developing and manufacturing era-defining hypercars to inventing and building ground-breaking new technologies. We challenge convention and push technology to the edge of possibility. Welcome to Rimac. This is our story.”


More about the Rimac Nevera:

-Named for a quick, sudden, and mighty Mediterranean storm, the 2022 Rimac Nevera represents power to the extreme.

-The Nevera was designed to be the fastest accelerating car and the fastest electric car in the world today.

rimac nevera electric supercar

-Not only is it visually striking but it carries exceptional speed and severity, a Hypercar with a capital H.

-Rimac will make 50 Neveras for 2022 – each hand-crafted in Croatia for a total of 150 cars over time.

-Four independent surface-mounted, carbon-sleeve, permanent-magnet electric motors and four independent inverters and gearboxes spell searing speed and performance.

-The two front motors produce 220 kW (299 hp) each and the two rear motors produce 480 kW (653 hp) each.

-The Nevera was handcrafted to perform beyond all expectations, with its inner workings made specifically for high performance.

rimac nevera motor

-The 120-kWh battery is shown to recharge from zero to 80 percent in as little as 19 minutes with 500 kW DC fast charging.

-Expect purpose and performance – Nevera’s bold but functional form is designed to exceed all expectations.

-Expect precision engineering that pushes performance to the edge of possibility and beyond.

-Rimac engineers found and developed the very best materials in order to handcraft everything from powertrain components to composites and in-car controls.

-The 2022 Rimac Nevera’s carbon-fiber monocoque is the largest and stiffest of any automobile on the market.

Want to order a Rimac Nevera? Contact us today!

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