Media Buzz: The New McLaren 750S Elevates Driver Engagement, Emotion, and Soul – Find Out What Critics Are Saying

2024 McLaren 750S for sale
2024 McLaren 750S | McLaren

The 2024 McLaren 750S is without a doubt the next benchmark in supercar performance – and the media agrees.

The 2024 McLaren 750S is making waves in the media, boasting an additional 30 HP and improved aerodynamics due to its reduced weight. This exhilarating new supercar delivers more driver engagement, emotion, and soul. Here’s what the media is saying.

2024 McLaren 750S review
McLaren 750S review: | McLaren

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McLaren 750S review

Jay Leno’s Garage: “This is why it’s a driver’s car, it’s so relaxing, it’s so nice to drive, it’s all intuitive, it does everything you want it to, it stops right now, it handles right now.”

Auto Express gushes: “A maximum rating of five stars might seem like a generous score for a revised version of an old-school supercar that costs a quarter-of-a-million pounds. But the McLaren 750S gets so many things right on so many levels – and is so much sharper to drive than the car it replaces – we can’t help but be blown away by it. In fact, it’s just how a loud, proud, mad, slightly scary supercar should be. No wonder it’s sold out for the next 18 months.”

Equally effusive was Motor1 adding, “I didn’t quite achieve my goal of matching the 750S’ capabilities, because let’s be honest, it would probably take months or years of training to get to that level of driving proficiency. But the middle-child McLaren is a brilliant piece of engineering, improving on its predecessor in every quantifiable way. The changes might only amount to 30 percent, but the emotions they inspire add up to far more than that.”

750S engine
McLaren 750S: The next benchmark in supercar performance. | McLaren

There’s no question that the 2024 McLaren 750S is revolutionizing the automotive world. Immerse yourself in the greatness of this groundbreaking vehicle here.

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This world-class supercar has captivated both the media and automotive enthusiasts with its exceptional performance.

About 30 percent of its components have been newly developed or modified, indicating that the updates extend far beyond just tweaking the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 to increase its output by 30 horsepower and 22 pound-feet of torque. The McLaren 750S delivers a robust 740 horsepower and reaches a top speed of 206 mph. This exhilarating supercar can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a remarkable 2.7 seconds.

Lightness was a key focus in the design of the 750S. It is now 66 pounds lighter than its predecessor, elevating the driving dynamics, responsiveness, and overall performance to unprecedented levels.

2024 McLaren 750S specs
2024 750S specs: | McLaren


  • Twin-Turbocharged 4.0-Liter V8 
  • 740 Horsepower 
  • Max torque 800 Nm (590 lbft)
  • 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds
  • Top speed 206 MPH
  • Base price: $329,500

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Yes, the 750S is an evolution of the 720S. But what is the difference Between 720S and 750S?

720s vs 750s
What is the difference between McLaren 720S and 750S? | McLaren

McLaren explains: “The 2024 McLaren 750S takes the mind-bending performance, telepathic handling and lightning responses of the McLaren 720S further. Towards the point where car and driver work as one. From flat-out circuits. To sinuous A-roads. The McLaren ethos drives a constant search for more performance. Less weight. And perfectly judged balance. The objective is deceptively simple in its ambition: class-leading, addictive engagement.”

In addition to the increased horsepower and torque, the 750S is 30kg lighter. It also features a 6mm wider front track, twin valve dampers, a more responsive steering rack, and a 15% shorter final drive.

Compared to the 720S, the ‘eye socket’ openings for the headlights on the new McLaren 750S have been slightly narrowed, and the body-colored bumper has been expanded, featuring a lower-reaching design that appears more streamlined. Additionally, the intakes at the base of the door apertures along the sides of the car are slightly wider.

750s spider for sale
Explore the new McLaren 750S spider: | McLaren

2024 McLaren 750s Spider

Although the 750S Spider is 49kg heavier than the Coupe, performance is never compromised. In fact, the exhaust notes sound better in the supercar convertible, according to McLaren. Its two-piece retractable hard-top offers a clear soundtrack of the new sport exhaust.

MotorTrend emphasizes its liking for the Spider by stating: “As much as we favor the simplicity, lower curb weight, and lower center of gravity afforded by a coupe, this is a road car; we vote in favor of the open-top soundtrack. Take one roof-down rip through a tunnel and you’ll thank us for the advice.”

The state-of-the-art tech of the hard-top offers increased headroom with its two-piece retractable hard-top, that motors away in 11 seconds at speeds of up to 31mph.

customize mclaren
Customize your McLaren today. Contact one of our dealers below. | McLaren

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