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Is Your VW Safe to Drive in Harsh Weather?

2023 VW Tiguan
Preparing your VW for bad weather on the road: | Photo credit: VW

We’ve all driven in storms that are so violent we drive very slowly or even pull over and wait it out. There are things you can do to drive your VW safely in a storm.

Whether it’s rain, sleet, hail, or snow, you can drive your VW safely if you pay attention to  five key tips. Always be vigilant when driving in questionable conditions, being aware of your surroundings – and other cars – when there’s precipitation.

New VW ID4
Whether it’s snow, hail, or rain, knowing how to prepare your VW for bad weather is imperative. | Photo credit: VW

While some drivers prefer to pull over to be super safe, we believe there’s no reason – with the proper equipment and preparedness – that you shouldn’t be able to drive your Volkswagen under most conditions.

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Here are some preparedness tips to drive your VW safely in bad weather:

2023 VW SUV
Here’s how you can prepare your Volkswagen for bad weather. | Photo credit: VW

Be sure that your Volkswagen tires are in good working order. 

That means checking to see that you are not past due for having your tires or tire parts replaced. An expert can tell you if they have proper treads, pressure, and alignment.

VW safety driving
Checking your tires regularly is not only lifesaving but will maintain your car in great condition. | Photo credit: VW

Make sure your windshield wipers are not worn out.

VW windshield wipers
Drive your VW safely by ensuring your windshield wipers are in good condition. | Photo credit: VW

If they are wearing out they won’t clear rain and snow from the windshield enough so that you have good visibility. Not sure about your wipers? Be sure to have them checked before you take off into questionable weather conditions.

Drive cautiously.

2023 VW Golf
Remember the key to safety on the road is driving your VW safely at all times. | Photo credit: VW

This seems like a no brainer. But when we are in a hurry it can seem like part of our brain – the cautious part – turns off. We all are in a hurry to get away for the weekend, but you may need to slow down when you’re driving in high winds, snow, or rain. Always keep your distance from other vehicles to avoid potential collisions. (The old adage was one car length for every 10 mph you are driving).

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Check your lights to ensure you drive your VW Safely

Car headlights
Checking your headlights is top driving etiquette. | Photo credit: VW

That means break lights and indicating signals as well as light parts. We need these in heavy traffic and bad weather to keep passengers safe. So check them yourself or get them checked.

Double check that your safety features are in good working order.

Adaptive cruise control, traction control, and antilock braking systems help drive and stabilize your vehicle on wet and icy surfaces and help your VW maintain its grip. Get them checked before you leave on that vacation to make sure they are handling their functions correctly.

luxury car safety features
Checking your VW safety features gives you the ultimate driving experience. | Photo credit: VW

When you replace worn out parts and accessories on your luxury vehicle with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts you upgrade performance and keep your luxury and exotic model driving optimally for years or even decades. By using genuine brand name parts that last longer than generic or used parts you also are helping to maintain its value.

Make sure you order genuine parts from our VW dealership, Volkswagen Marin, to ensure you drive your VW safely in bad weather.

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