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Jaguar Partners with Wolfspeed for Semiconductor Technology for its Next Generation Electric Vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover has one of the most aggressive schedules for going fully electric in the coming years. Now, the Jaguar and Wolfspeed partnership strives to put new semiconductor technology into its next-generation electric cars.

The Jaguar and Wolfspeed partnership will allow the two companies to work together to supply silicon carbide semiconductors for next-generation electric vehicles. Ultimately, this will provide greater powertrain efficiency and driving range.

jaguar wolfspeed semiconductor
Jaguar Land Rover Wolfspeed Semiconductor.

Wolfspeed’s advanced silicon carbide technology will be used in the cars’ converter to manage the transfer of power from the battery to the electrified motors.

It’s the latest strategic partnership in the Jaguar Land Rover program to establish alliances with industry leaders for its future modern luxury cars and SUVs. 

Jaguar Land Rover has already announced a partnership with NVIDIA focused on advanced software-defined automated driving systems for next-generation vehicles starting in 2025.

The partnership between Wolfspeed and Jaguar is based on the semiconductor specialists’ existing relationship with the race-winning Jaguar TCS Racing team competing in ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

There, its advanced silicon carbide technology has been used to accelerate efficiency and performance on the track.

Jaguar and Wolfspeed partnership
Wolfspeed and Jaguar is Based on The Semiconductor Specialists’ Existing Relationship With The Race-Winning Jaguar TCS Racing Team.

The agreements that Jaguar is entering into with various organizations are all part of itsReimaginestrategy. 

The strategy seeks to transform the British manufacturer into an electric-first business, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero carbon emissions in all its operations by 2039.

To achieve its goals, the company has a centralized team ready to develop and accelerate pioneering innovations in materials, engineering, manufacturing, services, and circular economy investment.

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Through Reimagine, Jaguar Land Rover will set new benchmarks in quality and efficiency for the luxury sector through various realignments, adaptations, and reorganizations.

Jaguar and Wolfspeed partnership
Jaguar Land Rover Is On The Path To Set New Benchmarks In Quality and Efficiency.

One of the cornerstones of these modifications is the new all-electric architecture, which will also help to develop different personalities for the brands.

The strategy also envisages that by mid-decade, Jaguar will emerge as a fully electrified luxury brand. It will introduce a new design portfolio equipped with pioneering next-generation technologies.

Under its Reimagine strategy, Jaguar Land Rover is transforming into an electric-first business.

Wolfspeed’s advanced Silicon Carbide technology will be used specifically in the vehicles’ inverter, managing the transfer of power from the battery to the electric motors. 

The first Range Rover vehicles with this advanced technology will be available in 2024, and the new all-electric Jaguar brand the following year.

Jaguar wolfspeed technology
Expect to See This Advanced Technology in All Jaguar Land Rover Models by 2025.

The Jaguar and Wolfspeed partnership allows Jaguar Land Rover to participate in the Wolfspeed Assurance of Supply Program to secure the supply of this technology for future electric vehicle production needs. 

This will enable greater visibility and control over Jaguar Land Rover’s future supply chain and is key to the new value chain approach of the company’s operations and supply chain under the leadership of Barbara Bergmeier, Executive Director of Industrial Operations.

Wolfspeed’s technology is currently powering electric propulsion systems across the entire voltage spectrum from 400V to 800V. 

The Silicon Carbide power device solutions will be produced at Wolfspeed’s Mohawk Valley Fab in Marcy, New York, which opened in April 2022 as the world’s largest 200mm Silicon Carbide fabrication facility.  The fully automated facility expands the capacity for Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide technologies, which will supply the increasing demand for EV production and other advanced technology sectors around the world.

Land Rover Defender
Expect Technology That Will Change the Automotive Industry.

Key takeaways:

  • Jaguar Land Rover is transforming into an electric-first business, on a journey to carbon net zero by 2039 via its Reimagine program. 
  • The partnership with Wolfspeed will secure supply for Silicon Carbide semiconductor technology, the key to the electrification of its next-generation Range Rover, Discovery, Defender, and Jaguar vehicles.
  • Next-generation electric vehicle inverters using Silicon Carbide technology will deliver significantly increased powertrain efficiency as well as an extended driving range.
Jaguar Land Rover electric first business
Jaguar Land Rover Is On A Journey To Become A Carbon Net Zero by 2039 Via Its Reimagine Program.

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