Expanding on a Classic Concept: the new BMW Neue Klasse is Now Synonymous with Luxury EVs

BMW Neue Klasse
BMW Neue Klasse | BMW

The German phrase Neue Klasse translates as “New Class” in English. But in BMW language it means “revolutionary,” as in the BMW Neue Klasse.

Where does the BMW Neue Klasse concept originate from? BMW first coined the term for its new – and now classic – sedans in the 1960s and 1970s.

BMW Neue Klasse
Expanding on a new classic concept: The BMW Neue Klasse. | BMW

Those are the cars that established the modern BMW brand and began its trajectory toward becoming the ultimate driving machine.

Today, BMW is reviving the name “Neue Klasse” for its next-generation vehicle platform.

Let’s take a closer look at what all of this means.

Neue Klasse will be BMW’s first all-electric platform.  Currently, BMW’s EVs use the German automaker’s hybrid Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform, which supports EVs, hybrids, and combustion vehicles. The Neue Klasse platform, however, will be 100 percent EVs.

CLAR, among other things, brought flexibility to the BMW platform during its transitional stage. It was the platform that allowed BMW to build all types of vehicles – hybrid, electric, and gasoline-powered – within the same line. 

BMW Neue Klasse
Neue Klasse: Standards for style and sustainability. | BMW

Now, Neue Klasse will allow BMW to produce even better electric cars that are free of the design constraints of a combustion engine.

You can expect the initial BMW Neue Klasse vehicles to arrive in showrooms in 2025.

The first two cars will be a compact sedan and a compact crossover. Essentially, they are electric versions of the 3 Series and the X3 – the brand’s top-selling car and SUV.

Media reports suggest the new BMWs could be called the i3 and iX3 and, for a while, exist alongside the new CLAR-based combustion models. BMW plans to sell 50 percent of its cars as EVs by 2030.

In fact, BMW chair Oliver Zipse has said the first NE-based models will be a sedan in the 3 Series segment and an SUV.  “Neue Klasse defines what BMW Group stands for,” he noted.

bmw neue klasse oliver zipse
Oliver Zipse Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMW, presenting a new era of BMW. | BMW

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The BMW Neue Klasse is expected to be a massive part of BMW’s transition over the next several years.

The German luxury brand says the NE will be “fully geared towards sustainability and circular economy, using new technologies and production processes.” 

The Debrecen plant in Hungary will kick off production of a NE-based product in 2025, with Munich to follow a year later.

Presumably called i3 and iX3, the EVs won’t mean the end of non-EV BMWs. Specifically, the gasoline- and diesel-fueled 3 Series and X3 will continue to be produced, according to media reports.

BMW new class
BMW “New Class.” A future of innovation. | BMW

BMW has said repeatedly that not all markets around the world would be right for EVs due to the fact that their infrastructures are not ready to go EV-only right away. For now, the next-gen 3 Series – said to be slated for 2027 – now carries a code name of G50 for the sedan and G51 for the wagon.

BMW has stated the goal of achieving full carbon neutrality across its entire supply chain by no later than 2050.

Feeling like you can’t wait to buy an all-electric BMW? 

You don’t have to wait.

Going beyond the ideal blend of luxury, technology, and power, BMW i now delivers more than thrilling, sustainably designed all-electric vehicles. Whether you’re looking for an all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle® with pioneering design and spacious comfort, or a sporty Gran Coupe that delivers exhilarating all-electric performance – the future is in your hands with this BMW EV.

bmw neue klasse
Expect new advanced technology from BMW. | BMW

With a single charge, you can achieve a range of up to 324 miles. That means you’ll be ready for anything – whether you’re navigating commuter traffic or taking your next adventure out of town.

Best of all, you get to charge at home and on the road with total convenience. In fact, you can enjoy two years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America’s 3,000+ fast charging stations nationwide when you purchase a BMW i.

Every BMW electric vehicle comes with premium maintenance services provided by a nationwide dealer network and an eight-year/100,000-mile battery warranty.    

With a legacy of over 100 years, BMW relentlessly perfects the craftsmanship, visionary design, and quality of its all-electric vehicles – so you can define luxury on your terms.

Other features we love in the BMW i:

BMW i: Beauty. Luxury. Efficiency. | BMW
  • Cutting-edge cloud computing, voice-recognition, and AI technology seamlessly keep everything up to date and adapt to your preferences with every drive. 
  • Curved displays offer next-level personalization from operating systems to customizable layouts.
  • Advanced sensors, radars, and cameras are dedicated to improving your drive and keeping you safe.
  • Electric motors, designed and built by BMW, yield powerful performance, impressive torque, and exceptional drivability. All-electric BMWs have been infused with the same engineering expertise that has defined BMW for more than a century.
  • The all-electric BMW can take on sharp corners and handle the road exactly the way you want. 
  • The battery module is specifically positioned to lower the center of gravity – contributing to the ideal balance.
  • Composer Hans Zimmer and BMW Creative Director of Sound Renzo Vitale have crafted a customizable soundscape for all-electric BMW M models that both simulate and transcend the sound of an engine. 

Engineered for adrenaline, agility, and electric excellence – always staying true to BMW’s performance legacy – every all-electric BMW is a tour de force: converting electricity into emotion.

Too excited to wait to buy the BMW Neue Klasse? Check out the latest inventory at our BMW dealership below.

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