The Media is Losing its Mind over the Aston Martin’s Anniversary Edition DB12

2024 Aston Martin DB12
The special edition Aston Martin DB12 became the star of the show at the Cannes Film Festival. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

Aston Martin is gearing up to celebrate two anniversaries: the 110th anniversary of the company itself and the 75th anniversary of the brand’s legendary DB model lineup. And they’ve decided to celebrate that with something very special: the 2024 Aston Martin DB12.

So special, that Aston Martin toasted the 2024 Aston Martin DB12 with a glittering event at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cannes, France.

The stunning new car was unveiled by Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® Team drivers Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso with many acclaimed figures from entertainment, sport, and the arts on hand to help celebrate the iconic brand’s 110th anniversary and herald its next generation.

Not surprisingly, the media is going crazy over the new DB12 grand tourer – more aptly described as a “Super Tourer” by Aston Martin.

Aston Martin Anniversary DB12
The stunning DB12 makes its premiere in Cannes. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

“The beauty of the new Aston Martin DB12 is indisputable. Its low-slung body is stop-you-in-your-tracks-and-crane-your-neck-for-a-better-look gorgeous,” Car & Driver gushed. “Long, low, and sleek, the new DB12 is an entirely new model for Aston.”

Motor Trend was equally effusive: “The DB12 delivers all the curbside Aston gorgeousness we expect. What’s new is that the real money has this time been spent on performance and handling hardware.”

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While car lovers will recognize that the 2024 Aston Martin DB12 borrows some of its from its predecessor, the DB11 – the chassis structure, for instance, is similar – there’s plenty of new excitement.

2024 Aston Martin DB12
The car is also the very first to be adorned with special touches carefully curated by the Q by Aston Martin bespoke service to celebrate the marque’s historic 110th anniversary . | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

The DB12’s bonded aluminum structure now has seven percent more torsional rigidity thanks to a number of reworked underbody components. 

This DB is as powerful as ever, of course.

Its finds that power from a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 churning out 671 horsepower and is capable of getting you from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 202 mph.

2024 DB12
The one-of-its-kind car also displays a plaque on the door sill of the cabin, marking its unique history. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

Other new elements: Aston has fitted the V-8 with new camshafts with different profiles while at the same time installing larger diameter turbos. 

The cooling system has also been reworked from top to bottom while the compression ratio has been optimized the compression ratio for more performance. 

Aston Martin also gave the DB12’s suspension a refresh.

Stronger strut towers bring increases in isolation and overall performance and now contain intelligent adaptive dampers in the 2024 Aston Martin DB12. 

Those dampers provide an impressively bigger  window of control than the previous ones – allowing for a 500 percent increase under the force distribution curve. 

2024 DB12
The Launch Edition sold at auction will be the very first example of the world’s first Super Tourer to be hand delivered to a customer anywhere in the world. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

“This allows for softer responses on the comfort end of the drive mode spectrum while also providing all of the track-ready grip you could want,” according to Road & Track.

Thanks to unique damper settings, five drive modes are now included in the DB12, including Normal, Sport, Sport +, Wet, and Individual. 

Inside the modern interior, high-quality materials mesh seamlessly with cutting-edge technology.

“This is where the really big investment has been,” says Aston design director Miles Nurnberger.

DB12 Interior
Ultra-luxurious interior design focuses on a driver centric cockpit, integrating latest technologies with luxury craftmanship and materials. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

Among other things, the redesigned dashboard includes a horizontal, full-width vent graphic that underlies two 10.3-inch high-resolution screens with ultra-black display technology, one for the instrument panel and one for the infotainment. 

“We have a reputation for beautiful exteriors, but our interiors were not as special,” Nurnberger notes.

Now the DB12’s interior is awash in stunning Bridge of Weir leather that meshes seamlessly with the simple, sporty, and ergonomic toggle on the top of the center console.

New DB12
The bold and assertive exterior design of the new DB12 is the perfect expression of power and potency. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

“Just as the DB7, launched 30 years ago, abruptly (brought) Aston Martin into the 1990s, the 2024 Aston Martin DB12 marks its entry into the modern digital age,” according to Motor Trend. “It also signals (that) Aston is firmly wedded to the front-engine, rear-drive layout that has underpinned some of the most classically beautiful sports cars and grand tourers ever created.”

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Other features worth noting:

2024 Aston Martin DB12
The 2024 DB12 heralds a new era for Aston Martin as the first of its next generation sportscars. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin
  • For the 21-inch wheels, customers now can choose between three designs and five finish options.
  • Although larger, those new wheels are a full  18 pounds lighter than the previous wheels.
  • The Michelin Pilot Sports 5S tires made the DB12 the first production vehicle to get a new rubber that was developed jointly as a bespoke compound by the tiremaker and Aston Martin.
  • For the first time ever, an electronic rear differential is also featured in a DB model that works in tandem with the brand’s updated stability control system – helping the DB12 feel more agile than earlier models in low speed scenarios without sacrificing high-speed stability.
  • The supercar comes standard with cast-iron brakes front and rear – 15.7-inches and 14.2-inches, respectively – and a set of carbon ceramics will be available for those who need ultimate stopping power and want to enjoy weight-saving benefits.
  • A new design of brake booster improves feedback.
New Luxury Car
This Aston Martin sets the benchmark for performance, ultra-luxury, and style. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin
  • Fascias have been slightly tweaked and now have a larger front grille opening as well as new lighting elements.
  • Fascias have been slightly tweaked and now have a larger front grille opening as well as new lighting elements.
  • The updated interior includes a new bespoke infotainment system that operates primarily through a 10.25-inch capacitive touch screen with some hard buttons retained for important features.
  • Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support functionality as does an all-new integrated navigation system. 
  • The 11-speaker audio system is standard and can be upgraded with a 15-speaker, double-amplified Bowers & Wilkins system.
  • Interior surfaces are covered in hand-stitched Bridge of Weir leather with a fresh quilting pattern.
Luxury super grand tourer
It’s true, the 2024 DB12 is the world’s first Super Tourer. | Photo credit: Media Aston Martin

Aston Martin is expected to begin initial deliveries of the 2024 Aston Martin DB12 in the third quarter of 2023. Expected MSRP: $245,000.

To inquire about this exclusive 110th anniversary car, please visit our Aston Martin dealership below. You can also explore our latest inventory online today.

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